Mother’s Day Give Away (The Stuff You Actually Want)

Happy Friday! And, happy almost Mother’s Day coming up to you!

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly and that means some interesting purchases are being made.  Some fascinating gifts will be received…  According to an on-line poll, 1 in 3 mothers say that they only pretend to like their Mother’s Day gifts…

We thought we would help you out by giving you a chance to win all the things you MIGHT ask for and not pretend to be thrilled that you got!

A few of my most favorite blogger friends teamed up together to give you a chance to win some fun (and CUTE!) presents you might not buy yourself! Valued at $450 this is a fun set!

Included in this prize is a Coach Purse, Thirty – One cooler, a Coupon Binder, a Farberware 3-Piece Open Skillet Set and $50 from Kentucky Fried Chicken so you don’t have to make dinner!

For A Frugal Chick Readers- This give away is a little different from my usual ones.  Be sure to use this form below to enter- leaving comments won’t count as an entry!  I would love to read them but they won’t enter you in the contest!

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  1. Veronica says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is when my husband took my mother & me to NYC for the weekend and he paid for both rooms and paid for all of our meals. She said it was her best Mother’s Day present because she spent it with us and our kids.

  2. Tanis says

    My first mothers day as a mom to be. I cried when I got my first card from my husband.

  3. Deborah Montagna says

    ya’ll are so nice to do this!! ‘cuz sometimes Momma’s babies can not get her a store gift, but the ones they make are just precious!

  4. Debbie says

    This is my first Mother’s Day without my mother and grandmother, both of which passed away the beginning of this year. But, since there were five generations of us the beginning of the year, I still have my own children and my grandson for mothers day. So even though my mother is gone and I miss her dearly, I still have my children and grandson who I love.

  5. Molly Chisman says

    I love my mom so much :) she is the best woman I know and she deserves the best!!

  6. Meri says

    I remember spending a Mother’s day with my son in the E.R. It was so scary because we did not know what was going on. He is fine and all better. That is was is important.

  7. says

    My favorite memory are the times shared by my mother and grandmothers on that special day. They all were taken from me at a early age but I share all those special memories with my two girls on that day instead of grieving. SONIA

  8. kathy klaverweiden says

    Watching my daughter dance and then dinner. Her recital is on Mothers day.

  9. Karen says

    My favorite memory is going out to eat with my whole family. Then, when I had my own, it became even more special.

  10. Lara Entrekin says

    Celebrating with my two kids. Love spending the whole day with them!

  11. aqdas haider ahmed says

    Seeing the smile on my mom’s face when we surprise her with gifts :)

  12. Amy says

    Spending Mother’s day with just my kiddos. My husband was called away for a military assignment and won’t be home, so I can’t wait to see what the kids have cooked up on their own. :)

  13. Pamela Byrd says

    Spending Mother’s Day with my children, will be thinking about my mother wishing she was still here!

  14. Andrea says

    My favorite mother’s day is any year that we are all together as a family. The hubby was supposed to have duty this year, but just traded with someone so, I am super excited and blessed that our first year with all 3 babies we are going to be together. :)

  15. Cheryl Baranski says

    I think my most memoriable Mother’s Day is when I was in the hospital being treated for preterm labor. So grateful that he didn’t come then, he waited a while longer.

  16. Susan H. says

    Don’t have a specific favorite. They are all great. I get to spend them with my mom and my kids. Thanks for chance to win.

  17. e e cooper says

    My husband is very good to make special dinner for me on Mother’s Day. One year he included a young military mom who lived in our apt. building.

  18. Jennifer Williamson says

    My favourite Mother’s Day present is a drawing of my daughter that my husband did by outlining her on a sheet of butcher’s paper. She was quite young at the time, maybe 3 or 4. They coloured it in together and presented the picture to me by rolling it up and tying it with a ribbon. I still have the drawing and it means the world to me, especially since my daughter is much older [and taller]. It’s the simple gifts such as this one on Mother’s Day that have meant the most to me over the years.

  19. shara jones says

    I wouldn’t be able to pick just one special memory of mothers day. My husband may not always be tuned in to what I want but he makes sure every mothers day is special. He’s done a great job every mothers day for the last 23 years :-)

  20. Annette Penberthy says

    I always loved Mother’s Day! One special day for my Mom and giving her surprises :)

  21. Celeste says

    I bought my mom 2 large flowerpots filled with her favorite flowers to put by her front door. She told me she was disappointed with that gift.

  22. Peggy says

    This Mothers Day is going to be extra special, I get to share it this year with two special Mother To Be’s, my daughter and my future daughter in law will be blessing me with granddaughters in June.

  23. Monet S. says

    Mother’s Day for makes me kind of tearful since I tend to think the mno think about my mother who passed away.

  24. Rose H. says

    I took my mommy to P.F. Chang’s for dinner! :) My mommy doesn’t really enjoy that many things like everyone else; chocolate, bouquets, and manicures are not for her. However, your giveaway actually has some pretty different gifts that I’m sure she will love! 😀

  25. Nancy says

    My favorite Mother’s Day memory is from 3 years ago. My Mom and I were able to spend the whole day together and we had a great time! She suddenly passed away three weeks later so now that day holds very special memories for me. She was not only a terrific Mom to my siblings and I, but she was also my very best friend!

  26. Katie says

    My favorite mother’s day was my first! My husband took me to a fun art show and spoiled me all day!

  27. Rose says

    My favorite Mother’s Day was a couple years ago when I took my two daughters camping. It was just us three girls. I cooked by myself for the first time on a bbq grill and a seagull swooped out of the sky and tried to take our hotdogs. That weekend I also told them they were having a baby sister. Good times! :)

  28. Debbie says

    Saving my babysitting money as a teen and getting my mom her mother’s day ring. When Desert Shield/Storm was going on in 1990 I sent the soldiers a poem that I wrote so they could use it to send as a card to send to their moms. I got a lot of thanks from them for that and they liked the idea since Mother’s Day cards weren’t available to them.

  29. Dawn says

    I think my favorite mother’s day memory is when I was pregnant with my first child. Around that time were her first movements and I realized I really was a mom. =]

  30. Hope says

    My favorite mother’s day memory is a surprise visit from my older son. He and his brother conpired together to surprise me.

  31. Suzanne says

    I’m going to be a mom in a couple of months and every week I go to see my mom for lunch. She often will hold something like a mug and say, “Do you remember when you gave me this for mother’s day?”

  32. Angelina says

    I got a great pot of orchids last year from my husband and my son. I loved that thing.

  33. Wendy Allison says

    My favorite memory was my first mother’s day, when I got a flower at church for being a mommy

  34. Apryl F says

    My first Mother’s Day! I had waited for so long for my little one it made it that much more special.

  35. jeanette H says

    Growing up I loved teasing my Mom and letting her think I forgot to make something at school for her (though she wasn’t really fooled).

  36. Holly Brewer says

    I’m not a mother (except to some awesome fur babies), but if I win I’d be giving this to my mom. She’s an amazing woman and I don’t tell her often enough but she’s the best. She’s an ER nurse, a grandmother to my nephews, a wife, and a great mother! I moved across the country with my husband a year ago and haven’t gotten to see my parents much since then. I won’t be with my mom for Mother’s Day and I miss her like crazy but I know this gift would make her so happy.

  37. Heather says

    My first Mother’s Day as a mother in May 2010, my son was only a month old and I got to share it with my own Mother and her mother as well is my favorite Mother’s Day memory!

  38. Joanne Drew says

    Thank you for everything you post! It has been so much help when I do my shopping. I would love to win for myself and my mother this Mother’s day!

  39. Vangie Alston says

    I am looking forward to this Mother’s Day more than others I’ve had in the past. Four months ago, my daughter unexpectedly moved to Alabama due to a job offer given to her husband. Incredibily, the job was in my hometown where my parents still live. After a 43 year career with the government, my husband officially retired from his job a day before my daughter moved to Alabama, freeing us up to make frequent visits there. Also playing into this story is the fact that my daughter had a baby on this past Thanksgiving Day and my own mother is failing in health. What a blessing it is going to be as we travel to Alabama next week which will put us there for Mother’s Day on the 12th. Not only will I get to spend Mother’s Day with my daughter, she will have a new daughter of her own to spend it with and it will be the first Mother’s Day that I’ve spent with my own mother since I got married and moved from home at age 18. How glorious! God is good!

  40. Kristen walker says

    My favorite Mother’s Day was last year, I was a mother to be! Mother’s Day was special because I got to spend it with my mother and mother-in-law who both flew in from out of town! But what made it more special was that it was the day of my baby shower and so many other friends and moms came and enjoyed part of their special day with me to celebrate the soon arrival of my little baby girl! I was so thankful for everyone that came out and that I could spend that special day with me. Also, my husband was deployed at that time and he sent Mother’s Day flowers to me and both of my mothers! It really made my first Mother’s Day so special!

  41. Erica says

    my favorite memory is when my kids tried to make me breakfast one year and I ended up having to do it because we actually wanted to eat it. best mother’s day ever!!!

  42. Bethany says

    Three Sisters plus the newest girl babe of the family celebrating Mom with a brunch. Dining Al-fresco on a beautiful sun-shinny day, everyone dressed in pastels, a chorus-line styled picture taken of the group. The picture now framed and proudly displayed in each of your homes.

  43. Katie says

    14 years of being a mom and still havent received a mothers day gift except the daily love of my four kids…

  44. Michelle Hurst says

    Please choose me as the winner! Thank you for sponsoring the contest.

  45. Jamie Upham says

    This will be my first mother’s day getting to celebrate; so I will tell you my favorite memory for my mother in law. We sent her a gift card to her favorite restaurant. After the dessert order was taken the server brought her a gift. She unwrapped the gift and we had sent her a picture frame with our babies sonogram picture inside and a note from “baby” telling her when he will be due. She called us crying. They had a fantastic dinner and even better dessert:)

  46. melissa says

    My favorite mothers day memory is having my first one after my son was born and being pregnant with my daughter. After being told I might not ever have children it was the happiest moment to be able to have a first mothers day.

  47. Lois Landman says

    My mother passed away in 1988. I was a young wife with a military husband, a full time job and 2 children. I only wish I could have did more for her. I do miss her every day.

  48. Kimberley Hanson says

    My favorite memory for Mothers Day is my Daughter picking me up and taking us for a surprise massage and then lunch at Watermans



  50. Marleen says

    My favorite mother’s day memory is spending time with my daughters on my special day. You add in going to lunch with my own mom and my sister and her children and it becomes a spectacular day. This is a tradition that we have done since we were young and have continued throughout our lives. We are very fortunate to live close to each other. One of our traditions is going to lunch on Mother’s Day. Time is very precious, so spending it with family makes it all the more special. I love seeing the 3 generations of women in our family get together. Those memories will last forever and I hope that my girls and niece will continue the tradition with their own children.

  51. Laura says

    I always loved buying flowers for my mom on mothers day and surprising her with a dinner my siblings and I had made.

  52. Amber says

    I have been searching for something to get my Mom! This would be so great!

  53. Katie says

    2 years ago, my husband took me to hooters and monster trucks for Mother’s Day! Oy!