Stealing Coupons

I don’t usually rant on my blog but I have to take a moment here.  I have been getting e-mails from consumers all over the country frustrated by the activities of people around them.  A fellow blogger received this e-mail today and I wanted to pass it on so you could see why I am so worked up!

“I tried to buy a newspaper at Walmart and a few 7-11s because my newspaper was swiped from my driveway. They were either bought up or had the coupon inserts missing. I was cutting through some aisles at Walmart and low and behold there was a stack of newspapers sitting in a laundry basket with all the coupons taken out. Someone had taken a stack from the front of the store and went and hid in the store and removed them.”

This makes me absolutely livid.  Would you open a bag of cookies in the store, take two and then walk out the door?  Or walk over to your neighbors house and take their front door mat? No because it is STEALING.

If you are a smart couponer you will easily save the price of that paper with the coupons you purchased inside.  So get the paper and recycle the parts you don’t want.

Don’t be stealing coupons- it ruins it for the rest of us and, if you get caught, do you really want to risk getting beat up with a BIG THICK COUPON BINDER?!

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  1. Danamomof6 says

    I notice the last 3 weeks after i subscribed to the paper that there has not been any coupons. is it me or is there no coupons this week. what the heck.

  2. Laure says

    Once I go through my coupons in my Sunday paper I will go to Dollar Tree and pick up a few more if there a lot of coupons I will use. This past Sunday the cashier told me that some papers had coupons and some didn’t… I said that is strange. She said a woman came in earlier and bought a whole stack and brought them back because there were no coupons. It didn’t even dawn on me that the woman had taken them out and returned the papers until I mentioned it to my husband and he said she took them out.

  3. Laure says

    Once I go through my coupons in my Sunday paper I will go to Dollar Tree and pick up a few more if there a lot of coupons I will use. This past Sunday the cashier told me that some papers had coupons and some didn’t… I said that is strange

  4. Kim says

    I notice my Dollar Tree is keeping the papers in or near the office and you ask the cashier for them. I also check each paper before I leave to make sure my coupons are there. I am fortunate to have a good newspaper lady who puts the paper up at my door and my German Shepherd barks when she does it. It might be 6:00 am, but I know my paper is there and if I want, I go down and get it. I can’t imagine stealing someone’s paper from their driveway. Geez.
    Washington Post puts all their circulars in a clear sleeve (sealed) that would be a good idea for Va. Pilot. That way you can see at a glance if all circulars are there. The person who hides in Walmart and steals coupons, they need to get a life! Really.

  5. Denicia says

    I have to say, it is quite disturbing. I bought 6 papers from a 7-11 on Sunday and only TWO had coupons in them. I even went to the bottom of the stack that was not rambled through and still came up four inserts short. I am only trying to feed a family of 6 and people with their greed…SMH!!

  6. Lesley says

    I have seen on episodes of extreme couponing where women were stealing papers. REALLY?! Do we really need to commend these women for stealing for any reason?

  7. brittney says

    This happened to me at the beginning of the month!!! I went to Walgreens (live in Elizabeth City, one wags, one cvs, one walmart, one farm fresh, couple food lions, NO target, RA, HT) got a couple papers, my instinct telling me to check but theyre right by the cashiers so I didnt think anyone would have the balls (sorry) to take the inserts…. got home to find only ONE insert out of 3 papers and it was the PG. I was PI**ED!!!! Really??????? You wanna save money by couponing, but dont wanna shell out the $1-2 for them?????? PATHETIC!!!!! These people WILL get theirs one day!! Karma is a capital B-word!

  8. Laura says

    Not only do you have to worry about people stealing the inserts from the papers in the stores, you have to worry about the carriers who are selling the inserts to people on Wednesday before they go into the papers. The carrier for the Daily Press on Rt 17 in Yorktown must sell his, because ALL the stores along that route never have coupons in the papers. So, it is happening in many ways, and yes since the show Extreme Couponing, it is getting worse.

  9. says

    I haven’t had my paper go missing yet. But it would have been nice to find one jar of Welches grape jelly at any of the three Harris Teeters I went to. I even checked again Saturday to see if they restocked. Guess we will be haven PB&noJ sandwiches for a while.

  10. Wanika says

    Well that explains why the Sollar store was so intent on me checking for my coupons this weekend. I always go there to get my papers and a few of them recognize me now. I buy 3-4 papers a week. When I walked in and noticed that there were only a few left, I was worried until one of the ladies called me over and said that the ones next to her in the cart was complete guaranteed with coupons (she had a stack that she had verified herself and was watching). I thanked her and grabbed my 4 papers, heading to another register that was open. When I made it to the Cashier, she asked me if I had double checked that the coupons were in there. I was wondering what was happening all of a sudden :)

  11. Amy says

    I am also checking my papers, and I always make sure to look for the coupons, thanks to Laura letting us know what coupons will be in the newspaper. I usually pick up 2 sunday papers at cvs and I use my cvs card and get each paper for $1.

  12. Lisa B says

    Unfortunately, it’s becoming quite common. The first time I bought my papers at the Dollar Tree- I failed to check them (silly me, trusting it to be right and complete). I got home and out of the 4 papers I bought, only one had the P&G insert in it.

    Extreme Couponing on TLC is entertaining and can provide viewers with great tips… however, greed is becoming rampant since it’s debut.

  13. lisa shaw says

    I just thought there were no inserts this Sunday in the Va Pilot we get the paper delivered 7 days a week. I am going to have to call them I see…

  14. says

    I use to work in a grocery store. when I worked sundays I saw the same woman come in and buy up all the newspapers and clip out coupons after purchase and leave the left overs for us to clean up. then she would come thru the lines 2 and 3 times to use the coupons taking up most of the products off the shelves. for some couponers this is nothing more than an empowering game. for others like me, it is a neccessity. stealing coupons have been a ongoing game for years. I make sure they are in there before I buy the sunday paper. I agree with chris, do you really need all those bottles of mustard???? (mauh) Liz

  15. Tina says

    i had purchased the paper late last sunday and was mad when I realized the sale inserts were missing and then this sunday my fiance goes to buy the paper for me and thankfully i had checked it before we left because it was missing. I had to grab another set that had the coupons in it. I wish I could get the paper delivered but unfortunately i leave in apartment building with lock boxes.

  16. Gemma says

    One lady at our local walmart actually been escorted out for getting caught taking out the coupon inserts from the stack of newspapers she took from the front. She was hiding out in one of the aisles near gardening and a customer called her out. I understand everyone is coupling, but is it really necessary to steal like that?!

  17. Vi says

    I have nevr had this happened to me but thanks for the update. My husband buys my papers for me and he never checks them. I will be sure to be doing my own newspaper buying and checking. I also only buy two newspaper because I only need enough stuff to get by rather than hoard.

  18. Jen says

    I also agree with everyone on here, especially Chris. I just started couponing more seriously a few months ago and still learning the ropes. I buy one newspaper a week because we only get 1 insert every time (SS). I have a big enough space to put a large stockpile in my house, but I choose to buy 1 or 2 things at a time. I think everyone should be considerate and think of others. Do not clear the shelves!

  19. Rhyan says

    I totally agree. It’s really sad that people would stoop so low, but unfortunately some do. For anyone who is interested, the Dollar Tree stores normally sell Sunday papers and they’re only $1, so you could get two papers for the price of one. I found that out about a month ago when I happened to be at my local store and it is a nice option to have if someone does happen to swipe your paper.

  20. kathleen says

    I ALWAYS check my papers to make sure the inserts are in there…too many times i have gone to the dollar store or 7-11 and bought numerous papers only to come home and find out the coupons were missing…i don’t understand how people can behave that way….disgusting!!!

  21. Tiffany says

    When I went to our Drug Mart they had the newspaper behind the counter – you had to ask for one – glad they are doing this since hearing all the horror stories. My paper was taken last Sunday – we were out of town – I am guessing someone knew that and helped themselves. Good thing I bought one while I was at CVS that day or I would have been really mad.
    Hopefully stupid or greedy people will not ruin it for the people who are considerate and really need to save the money.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

  22. Colleen says

    It’s ironic that you post this today, because yesterday I bought 4 Sunday papers and 2 of them were missing the coupon inserts! I was shocked that someone would steal the inserts from papers in a Walgreens store!

  23. Chris says

    Can I also add that if you don’t really need 257 bottles of mustard, could you not buy all of them and leave a few on the shelf for the rest of the couponers who could not get to the store at 7am?

  24. Keley says

    Thanks for this! I’ve been experiencing this a lot lately too! It frustrates me so much to know that I have to get up extra early on Sunday to go buy a few papers at $2 a piece while someone else is just stealing the coupons right out. It’s not fair. I’ve had to start checking inside every paper before I buy it!