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Suggestions for Articles?

by Laura December 3, 2010 Simple Steps

In my constant pursuit of becoming the best blogger I can be, I would like to flex my muscles and start writing some articles- both for this blog and others, as well as some publications.

My biggest obstacle is that I never know what to write about.  Something I find completely fascinating about saving money, budgeting, [...]

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Give Freely 12/1 – 12/7

by Laura December 1, 2010 Simple Steps

Welcome to the second Give Freely post! 

Our goal is to present you each week with freebies or near freebies from your local grocery stores.  Because these items are so inexpensive we are hoping that you will spend the extra few cents to pick up a spare item to donate to your community center, church, local food bank or [...]

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Unusual Things To Do Before Black Friday To Save $$$

by Laura November 22, 2010 Simple Steps

We all know the normal things to do before Black Friday (scope out the ads on, make a list, set your alarm, use the bathroom before you leave the house etc.) but here are some tips you may not think about:

1.  Grab your reuseable shopping bags-  If you are heading to Target you get [...]

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Holiday Website #1-

by Laura October 8, 2010 Simple Steps

I like getting people unusual gifts. Mostly because I like receiving unusual gifts. My taste in jewelry and art is a bit different from what you would see in a magazine or watching a top ten television show.

So when I want to find a unique gift, I head over to Wikipedia describes [...]

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77 Days Until December 25th

by Laura October 7, 2010 Simple Steps

As of today, October 7, 2010, there are 77 days until Christmas (if you celebrate Hanukah, Kwanza or Festivus you don’t have too much longer either). It’s time to start planning, so you don’t go broke doing your shopping.

In 2009 the average American household spent $417 on Christmas shopping. When money is already tight, $417 [...]

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Do You Have a Side Hustle?

by Laura September 8, 2010 Simple Steps

I have a really hard time only working one job. My interests are just too diverse to be limited by one type of employment.

When I worked in banking, I also pierced ears at Claire’s (saving to backpack in Europe). When I worked for a broker, I also was a singing hostess [...]

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You Don’t Have To Buy It Because It’s On Sale

by Laura June 28, 2010 Simple Steps

Buying something you don’t need because it is on sale isn’t a good deal.

If no one in your family eats oatmeal, a $.25 box of oatmeal (while it’s a good deal) is a waste of money. It’s going to sit in your pantry until it expires and then you will throw it away. [...]

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Gift Ideas

by Laura December 8, 2009 Simple Steps

Still struggling with that perfect gift for someone? Check out some ideas from the bloggers:

Trying to figure out the perfect gift for the man in your life? Check out this video blog with some ideas!

Some unique stocking stuffer ideas!

10 Holiday gift ideas for Runners

If anybody wants to get me something, [...]

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Living Without a Savings Account

by Laura November 11, 2009 Simple Steps

When I was in my mid-twenties I was completely miserable working at a bank. The pretense and stressful corporate environment made me uncomfortable. After two promotions I found myself as far up as I could go without changing who I was or compromising my morals. My boss (who was also a friend) [...]

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How much of a “value” is it?

by Laura October 13, 2009 Simple Steps

What do diapers and yogurt have in common?

Bigger is not always better.

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Florida, Leanna, about a recent discovery she made at the store.

“Did you know that when you buy Gogurt at Wal-mart you have two choices- you can buy an 8 pack or the [...]

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