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EXPIRED: XBox 360/Kinect Sales Black Friday (And Sale Now)

Has this deal passed?  Check out other Best Buy Coupon codes [1]!

The Xbox 360 with Kinect is one of the hot items this season.

Right now you can purchase the Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect [2] for $299 shipped AND you will get a $100 Gift Card from Best Buy.  Just search for the item code 9999169900050038 on the Best Buy website [2].

If you want to brave the crowds on Black Friday (or possible watch websites, though I doubt these deals will be online) here are the best deals:

BEST: Best Buy XBox 360 250GB Console Bunder includes wireless controller, wired headset, Fable III game Halo, Reach game and 3 months XBox Live Gold Membership and Kinect (including Kinect Adventure! game, plus Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja Games) $298.99 – The reason this is the best deal is because this is on the same 250GB Console.  For a serious gamer this is the much better option.  If you aren’t worried about memory see the deal below at Walmart. I would get there super early for this- they are only guaranteeing a minimum of 6 Kinects per store.

BETTER: Walmart Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect (including Kinect Adventures! game, wireless controller, composite AV cable and 3-month XBox LIVE! Gold Membership) $199.56 with $50 Walmart gift card – This deal begins at 10 p.m. and I would get there early to get in line.

GOOD: Target Xbox 360 4GB Console $139.99 and Kinect $99.99 (includes WIPEOUT 2 game and Kinect Adventures! game plus The Gunslinger and Fruit Ninja)- Total Combined $239.98- Target opens at Midnight

Now that you are informed you can make the decision- brave the crowds or grab the Best Buy deal [2] today!