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Would You Buy Clothes By The Pound?

Last week I got a text message from my sister – “Did you know we have a Goodwill Outlet store here and you pay by the pound?”

After reading it three times to be sure I understood I wrote back “Nope, when are we going?”

So this morning we went to see what it was all about.

It’s tucked back in an industrial park and is indeed a Goodwill Outlet inside a warehouse.  (For those of you who are going to ask 1345 Diamond Springs Road in Virginia Beach.)

When I walked in I wasn’t expecting it to be exactly organized but if you have even the smallest amount of OCD it’s going to make your head spin.


The clothes are in bins- all the clothes.  They aren’t divided by size, type or sex.  The bins have shoes, toys, books, belts, electronics and games all mixed together.


The book, CD and game prices I felt were pretty similar to other thrift stores and with them not all being in the same place I decided that was more trouble than it was worth.


Sorry the pic is so blurry.

The clothing prices are hard to argue with though.  Clothing is $1.39 a pound and if you go over 20 pounds $1.19 per pound.  Household items are $.50 per pound.

So my sister and I spent about an hour digging through the clothing bins.  I didn’t seem to have any luck and she seemed to hit gold everywhere she dug.  Finally we started a good collection of items we found.  I ended up with 4 dress shirts, a pair of workout shorts, 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of dress pants.


When you get to the register they throw your clothes into this plastic bin as if you are buying frozen yogurt by the weight.

My total for all 8 pieces- $7.94 including taxes.  As long as everything fits I will consider it a successful trip.

I have to be honest though- it was ALOT of digging around for 8 pieces of clothing!

Have you been to a thrift store outlet?  What did you think?