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Why It’s Good To Read The Price Board

This morning after my workout I decided I would splurge and go to Subway to grab some breakfast.  When I went in to grab my flatbread bacon, egg white and cheese sandwich I looked at the price on the board- $3.50.

Underneath was a big sign that talked about a breakfast combo- you can get a flatbread bacon, egg white and cheese sandwich PLUS a coffee, tea or soda for $3.00.

When I went to check out I looked at the guy and said “Okay am I reading this right?  If I get a drink I save $.50 off what I would pay anyway”?  He turned around and looked at the sign and said “huh, you are right!”  So I saved $.50 and got a drink to go with my breakfast.

Oh and it’s Friday so at my Subway you also get a free cookie!

The moral of the story- be sure to read everything when you go into a restaurant.  Even if it’s your favorite- things may have changed!