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Why Can’t You See Me On Facebook Anymore?

For the last two weeks or so, my head has wanted to explode every time I open A Frugal Chick’s Facebook page.  And no, it isn’t because I still hate timeline.  It’s so much more than that.

You see I have about 13,500 fans on Facebook.  And I love all of them.  They are my favorite 13,500 people in the whole world (with the exception of maybe my Dad who does not have a Facebook page.  And my nephew and niece who are not old enough for Facebook).

When I add a status on Facebook I REALLY want all 13,500 of them to see it.

The problem is that once I submit the status I am at the mercy of Facebook.  Their very complicated algorithm determines who sees what could be the deal of a lifetime.  And about two weeks ago it dropped to less than 10% of my “likes” seeing my statuses.  Which, in turn, means less people visit my site.

So far we (meaning myself and all the other bloggers I know) have not found a way to guarantee you see our status updates.  But we do have some guesses.

If you miss me on Facebook [1] here are some things we THINK might help:

1.  Go onto Facebook [1] and like the statuses or leave a comment.  The more feedback you leave on the page the more likely the algorithm is to think I am important to you!

2.  Share status updates on your Facebook page [1].  This will let Facebook know I am important to you!

3.  Don’t wait to see my updates on Facebook!  Add me to your favorite websites you check every day.  Make me your home page.  Or sign up for A Frugal Chick’s daily e-mail [2].

Some of you may have stopped by tonight and think “I don’t use coupons, why should I spend time on this site?”

Two words for you: HOLIDAY SHOPPING.  It’s coming.

I hope this helps those of you who have missed me on Facebook!