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Who Do You Think You Are?

Anyone who has taken a look at A Frugal Chick’s Facebook page [1] has been a witness to my love of television.

One of the shows I watch each week is “Who Do You Think You Are?” It shows people on the journey of tracing back their family line and discovering old family secrets.

While the show is really interesting to watch the undertones make it basically a long commercial for Ancestry.com [2]. Ancestry is a great tool I used when tracing my family.

However if you are looking for a cheaper option there is a great Living Social deal [3] today. For $10 you can get 3 months access to Archives.com [3].

This easy-to-use site collects more than 2.1 billion domestic and international records all in one place, including US census data, newspapers, birth records, obituaries, marriage announcements, and more dating as far back as the 1700s. Your membership lets you access them all, allowing you to unearth your family tree, save scans and images of vital records, and even connect with long-lost living relatives. Search by married and maiden name, geographic location, and date — with Archives’ simple tools, you can do a lot more than scratch the surface of your family’s history.

With this deal you can get a three month subscription to Archives.com [3] for just $10. So if you have always wanted to check out your family tree this would be a great inexpensive way to get a glimpse of the past!