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Weekend Couponing Checklist

If you are learning how to coupon there are some things you can do to make your life much easier.  Since it’s sort of a rainy weekend where I live, I thought I would put together a list of useful things you can do inside to help you be a successful couponer this weekend!

1- If you haven’t already create an e-mail address just for couponing stuff.  Many coupons require you to register which is great because it usually means they will e-mail you more coupons.  But it can tie up your inbox and your personal e-mails may get buried- even though they are very important!  So take a few moments and create a new e-mail address you can use just for couponing purposes.

2- Register for Amazon Mom [1]– it’s FREE!  If you are a mom and you haven’t, register for Amazon Mom [1]!  Click here [2]to see all the amazing benefits! 

3- “Like” A Frugal Chick on Facebook [3]!  That way you always receive status updates when a new post goes up! 

4- Clean out your coupons!  It’s after the first of the month so you probably have a few expired coupons in your stash.  Take a few minutes today to clean them out and get yourself reacquainted with what you have available.  You may find some hidden gems you didn’t know about!

I think that list is a great start for anyone just giving this couponing thing a shot!  Hopefully this will be another step toward you saving some BIG money!