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Week #4: CrossFit Chesapeake Challenge

So today is the end of Week #4 at CrossFit Chesapeake [1].  I have to be honest, getting up at 5 a.m. is not getting any easier but it does make my day alot more productive to have all those endorphins in my system.

So how am I doing?  Well, I have a new accessory I have to wear almost everywhere I go.  My belt.  My jeans are getting to that obnoxious point where they are falling down alot.  And I am thrilled with that.  I have lost about two inches on my waist and it’s enough to make my clothes a little too baggy.

But there are a few things I am not thrilled about.  I’m only down about five pounds- and after four weeks it should be more than that.  So I revisited all of the nutrition items we discussed when I first started and I think I have figured out my problem- too much fruit (which translates to sugars and carbs) and not enough veggies.

I LOVE fruit to the point where my protein and vegetable intake suffers.  But I am almost finished with the fruit I have not frozen so after another day or two I am going to lay off the melon and eat more spinach (I love spinach).  And we will see after next week if there is a difference!

Ready to lose some inches yourself?  You can workout for FREE at CrossFit Chesapeake [1] for a week and try it out.  The staff is FANTASTIC and I have learned so much.  It’s basically just like having a trainer for every work out.  Come try it yourself!