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Week #19: “Paper Roses” by Amanda Cabot

Welcome to week 19 of the “52 Books in 52 Weeks [1]” series! If you haven’t seen all the books take a moment and catch up!

I am playing catch up so it has been a few weeks since I read “Paper Roses [2]” by Amanda Cabot but I have still thought about it a few times. And that says a lot for a Christian historical fiction novel. Most of them I have found pretty shallow and forgetful.

The main character, Sarah Dobbs, immediately seemed almost real to me. A well bred girl from the East her parents had died leaving her to care for her very young sister. In an act of desperation she became a mail order bride and surprised herself by falling in love with a man through his letters, which she call her “Paper Roses.”

After a long train trip she reaches his hometown only to be met by his brother, Clay, at the station. Her love has been murdered. Going home for her is not an option so she is forced to depend on the family that should have been hers to keep a roof over her and her sister’s head.

The book is the story of her struggle to establish herself as an independent woman in Texas, find the man who murdered her love and find a new family and home.

It’s the first of 3 books in the “Texas Dreams” series so I will be trying to track down inexpensive copies of the other two!