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Week 1: CrossFit Chesapeake

So I have completed my first week working out at CrossFit Chesapeake [1]. I really didn’t know what would happen my first week.  I thought of CrossFit as being really tough so I wasn’t sure what kind of people I would find.  And if I would be able to keep up.  And if they would mock me for it!

Because of my schedule I like to go to the 6 a.m. session.  It’s a small class so the instructor has time to work with each person who needs it.  And this week, since I am still learning the ropes, both the instructors and attendees have been great about helping me out to ensure I don’t hurt myself doing any of the exercises.  And the people who attend the class are fantastic.  Everyone is at a different level and they have been very encouraging as I learn things.

So five days in I can tell you that I am much stronger than I was on Monday.  I leave every day feeling energized and ready to take on the day!   And I am down two pounds! 

This week I have not been using the diet they gave me as I had food in the house that would have gone bad (I didn’t want to waste).  So I will finish my baked potatoes and rice pasta this weekend and do a big shopping trip.

But I am happy with my two pounds and am looking forward to trying to save money shopping this weekend! 

Want to come try it out?  Check out their website [1]and see how you can work out for a week for FREE! 

Want to see some of the fun?  Check out their facebook page [2]

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