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Walmart’s “New” New Coupon Policy

Remember when I posted a while back [1] that Walmart had a new coupon policy?  Well they have now worked on the wrinkles and loop holes to present their “new” new coupon policy.

You can click here [2] to check it out.  Be sure to print it and take it with you to the store- I have gone to Walmart since their new policy came out and they did not know about it.  Depending on how efficient the manager is at your local store the cashiers may be unaware of the changes.

Their new policy states that they will accept catalina coupons from any store.  So if you go to Harris Teeter and a coupon prints for you at check out as long as it is a manufacturer’s coupon for a specific item (i.e. $.75 off Yoplait yogurt) they are supposed to accept it at Walmart. 

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