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Walmart v. Sams: Where Is The Best Deal?

Just about every class I teach someone asks about Sam’s Club.  I usually recommend that people go with BJs since they take manufacturer’s coupons.  But in a side by side comparison I wondered- is Sams REALLY that much cheaper than Walmart?

So I took a stroll in both stores and randomly selected items to compare prices.  These prices are for Chesapeake, VA and may vary a bit by area.

Here is what I found:

                                              Sam’s Club Walmart
Season 1 & 2 DVD
 $ 34.88  $  29.96
Criminal Minds
Season 1
 $  26.88  $    29.96
Tron DVD  $  17.98  $   19.96
Tangled Blu-Ray/DVD  $  24.88  $    24.96
Mary Higgins Clark
I’ll Walk Alone
 $   15.94  $    18.19
Tina Fey
 $ 14.94  $   18.89
Boneless Skinless
Chicken Breasts
(Cheapest Ones)
$1.97 lb $1.88 lb
Cantaloupe $1.98 each $1.50 each
Bananas $.48 lb $.52 lb
Red Potatoes $.60 lb $.98 lb
One Gallon 1% Milk $3.02 $3.02
Horizon Organic Milk
Half Gallon
$3.19 $3.50
Strawberry Pop Tarts $.20 per tart $.22 per tart
Corona Bottles $.96 per bottle $1.00 per bottle
Cinnamon Toast Crunch $.136 per oz $.152 per oz
Finish Powerball Tabs $.14 per tab $.24 per tab
Diet Coke 2L $1.25 each $1.25 each
Eggland’s Best $2.16 per dozen $2.48 per dozen
Dove Bar Soap $.927 per bar $1.10 per bar
Tampax Pearl $.13 each $.19 each
Pantene Nature Fusion
$.197 per oz $.23 per oz
DiGiorno Frozen Pizza $4.33 each $5.75 each

So from looking at these numbers Sam’s Club is cheaper on most items (although the quantities are VERY different).  However all of these numbers leave out one very important part in the equation- COUPONS! 

Many of the items above regularly have coupons and they can not be used at Sam’s Club.  So before you considering getting or renewing a membership check it all out!