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Walgreens Trip 6/5- $11

So I went to Walgreens and had a pretty good trip.  I am going to disclaimer this by saying it was sort of a ridiculous trip.  I did six transactions.  But I did NOT clear any shelves- there was plenty of inventory in the store when I left.

So here is what I got:

4 Nivea Men’s Body Washes

3 Sobe Lifewaters

2 Gillete Fusion Razors

4 boxes of Q-tips

2 stacks of nail files

1 bottle of bleach

2 sets of 4 BIC 4 blade razors

1 Mailing Envelope (to send my next Give Away out)

My total paid out of pocket: $18 (although I had a $25 Walgreens card so I didn’t pay anything)

But I got $7 in Register Rewards so in “coupon math” it was $11 out of pocket!