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Walgreens.com Diaper Deal

Right now Walgreens.com [1] has a coupon code good for $10 off of $40.   Just use the code TEN40 when you check out. 

Now normally I don’t post these coupons since the deals are better in store with coupons and such.  However, Walgreens.com has the Walgreens brand diapers on sale Buy One Get One Free on-line.

So if I needed diapers and wanted them to magically show up on my front porch, here is what I would do:

Go to Walgreens.com [1] and get into the diaper section. 

Select 8 bags of the diapers that are “Buy 1 Get 1 Free Eligible.”  This will bring your total to $39.96.

Add a small item to bring the total over $40.  I checked in Candy and there were many items for $.89.  This would bring your total to $40.85.

They will charge shipping (in my case it was $4.07) but now you can use your $10 off code.

So my grand total was $34.92 for 8 bags of diapers (and a Nestle Crunch bar!)or $4.36 per bag of diapers. 

Not the lowest price I have ever seen, but a nice price to have diapers delivered!

***Also, if you use ebates [2], they have an extra 8% cash back!***