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Walgreens Black Friday 2011- If Walgreens Confuses You

Just like last year Walgreens has some awesome Black Friday deals.  In previous years these deals have also been available on Thanksgiving Day- I am not sure if they will do that this year or not.

I wanted to do a simple Black Friday Walgreens post for those of you who aren’t really comfortable at Walgreens yet, to sort of explain how things work.

Walgreens have something called Register Rewards.  They print out on long, white pieces of paper after you do your transaction.  Walgreens treats them (in most ways) just like a Walgreens gift certificate.  In coupon math if you spend $2 on something but you get $2 in Register Rewards back we consider that a FREE item. 

On Black Friday 2011 there will be MANY items that are FREE after Register Rewards.  Here is a list of some of the more popular items:

Advil PM Pain Relief (4 ct.) – $0.99
Get $0.99 in Register Rewards
Final Price: FREE

Oral-B Indicator Toothbrush – $1.50
Get $1.50 in Register Rewards
Final Price: FREE

ThermaCare HeatWrap – $2.49
Get $2.49 in Register Rewards
Final Price: FREE

Colgate Pro Clinical, Total Advanced, or Gum Defense Toothpaste (4 oz) – $3
Get $3 in Register Rewards
Final Price: FREE

Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste (4 oz) – $2.50
Get $2.50 in Register Rewards
Final Price: FREE

So to maximize your savings you want to use Register Rewards to buy items that give you other Register Rewards.

Here is a simple example:

Go into Walgreens and pay $2.49 for the Therma Care Heat Wrap. You will get $2.49 in Register rewards.

Then go grab the $.99 Advil and the $1.50 Oral B Indicator Toothbrush. When they ring those two items up they will equal $2.49. Then give them the $2.49 in Register Rewards you earned when you purchased the Therma Care Heat Wrap.

That would bring your total to $0 and you would just have to pay sales tax.  And once you are finished you will have a new $2.49 in Register Rewards.

So for $2.49 you would get the toothbrush, the Advil and the Therma Care Heat Wrap plus $2.49 in Register Rewards.

Then, if you wanted to, you could grab the Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste.  It will ring up $2.50.  Give them your $2.49 in Register Rewards and you will pay $.01 plus sales tax.  PLUS you will get another $2.50 in Register Rewards.

So after 3 transactions you will have Advil, an Oral B Toothbrush, a Therma Care Wrap and Crest Toothpaste for $2.50 out of pocket (plus tax).  AND you will still have $2.50 in Walgreens credit to use on something else!

The drug stores can give you great chances to save LOTS of money!