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Walgreens Balance Rewards Program- October 2012 (Video)

In case you have missed the news Walgreens had made some changes to their store loyalty program [1] over the last few months.

One of the biggest changes has been the addition of their Balance Rewards.  Balance Rewards are points that load onto your Walgreens card which can later be used as store credit when they hit a certain threshold.  (Click HERE [1] to read all about it.)

Now they have made another change.

If you don’t like to read just skip this and I explain in the video on the bottom.

I teach by example so here is my explanation of the change:

Let’s say at Walgreens this week Twix candy bars are on sale for $2.00 and you get 1,000 Balance Rewards points.

Last week you could have gone in, bought two packages of Twix and 2,000 Balance Rewards points would have loaded onto your card.

This week it doesn’t work that way anymore.  Fortunately it’s an easy work around.

Just make sure you do two transactions- with one Twix in each.  That way you get your 2,000 points- just 1,000 points at a time!

Still confused?  Maybe I explained it better this way: