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Wag.com: 50% Off Code Plus FREE Shipping- Still Working

I have never seen this site before- I am loving this 50% off code for my readers who spend a ton of money on pet supplies (especially those big dogs who eat so much!)

On Wag.com [1] today (12/16) you can use the code MYPOINTS50 to get 50% off one item.  They have flea and tick medication (buy in large doses to get it over $50), those fancy water fall things for your animals to drink out of and HUGE bags of dog food.  Imagine 50% off that dog food!  (The fine print says the maximum discount is $25 so the closer to $50 your original order the better).

And if that item is $50 BEFORE you put the code in you get shipping for free!

So click this link to Wag.com [1], purchase one item worth $50 or more, use the code MYPOINTS50 and watch that total go down to $25 with FREE shipping!

Thanks Cuckoo for Coupon Deals [2]!