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Virginian Pilot Readers- No Red Plum Inserts

If you get The Virginian Pilot you do not receive the Red Plum Inserts in your paper.

You used to but in 2009 Red Plum decided to try something different- they selected several large metropolitan areas in the US and chose to mail them the Red Plum insert instead of putting it in the paper.

So for the last 4 years you have not received the Red Plum Insert in the paper.   Hopefully you have received it in your mail weekly (because we also haven’t found a way to get Red Plum to mail it to you if you don’t already receive it).  I receive mine on Tuesdays and it’s usually wrapped in a pizza ad.

It appears that in 2009 a letter writing campaign began to try to return it but obviously nothing changed.

So what can you do to get some extra Red Plum Inserts?

1.  Get them from friends.  Odds are most of you know people who live in Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and a few outlying areas that receive the Red Plum in the mail.  Many of those friends are not couponers.  Ask them to bring them to you at work, church, MOPS etc.  It won’t cost them anything and it could save you big!

2.  Print the ones you need.  SOME of the Red Plum coupons you receive in the mail can be printed online [1].  It doesn’t always work but occasionally it can help out.

3.  Buy one of the newspapers that carry the Red Plum.  If you are in the area you can purchase the Washington Post and Richmond Times and they should have all the inserts inside.  They do cost more than The Virginian Pilot but if the coupons are good it is worth it!  If you are on the Peninsula you can grab The Virginia Gazette or The Daily Press.

I wish I thought that doing a mail campaign would work but I figure it would have by now if there was a chance.  I hope this helps you to best utilize the Red Plum Inserts you can find!