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USell: Cash for Electronics

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of uSell [1] for SocialSpark [2]. All opinions are 100% mine.

My cell phone is old- it doesn’t even have a camera.  I am pretty sure my Ipod is 2nd Generation.  So when it comes to having electronics laying around the house that are worth some cash i am afraid I have no first hand experience.  (Although some of my items may be museum friendly!)

But if you (or someone in your family) is the type of person who likes to upgrade their electronics you may have some money lying around your house and don’t even know it!  You can sell those old electronics (this includes cell phones, e-readers, digital cameras, mp3 players, tablets and more) and use the extra cash to pay for back to school clothes!

But when it comes to selling it can get confusing.  Ebay? Craigslist?  Let me introduce you to an alternative: Usell.com [3].  They will help you find the best buyer so you can maximize the cash for your cell phones and electronics [4] .

usell_logo_rgb_sm_newtag.jpg [5]

To check it out I went onto their site and pretended I had an Apple3G Iphone (8 GB for those of you who know such things).  They asked me some questions about the condition of the phone and what accessories I had.  After I submitted all my information they gave me three offers- ranging from $52 to $88 from various sites.  The great thing is- your offer is valid for up to 10 days from the time you receive the quote.  So if you want to find your quote and then compare to prices on other sites you can always do that and come back to sell it. 

And since you are selling your electronics to companies there is no dealing with a buyer who may flake on you.  After selecting which service you want to use, uSell will direct you to the buyer’s website. The buyer will then purchase the unwanted items directly from you with fast payment. With all electronics, once all personal data is erased, they will either be refurbished or recycled depending on their condition.  (Buying refurbished electronics is what I like to do!)

So if you have something you think might be worth some money take a few minutes and check out the offers on Usell.com [3]! 

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