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Use Ebates To Save On Contact Lenses And Get A $10 Gift Card

Friday night I got to hang out with a pretty cool “A Frugal Chick” reader as we did a one on one tutoring session.  We got to talking about the many ways moms often sacrifice important things for themselves as they try to keep up with their kids.  In her case, it was buying contact lenses. 

I am blind as a bat so I completely understand this notion- my contact lenses are incredibly expensive and often time other things are more important.  When I had vision insurance it covered up to $100 a year for contacts- and mine around about $60 a box.  For one eye.  For three months.

We are talking some big money.

So I use Ebates [1] to get cash back on my contact lens purchases.  They have 10 sites I can order contact lenses from so if I need to check pricing I can be sure to get a good deal. 

 After I make my purchase I get cash back.  Right now Coastal Contacts has 14% cash back!  And right now new Coastal Contact customers get $20 off and Free Shipping on $100+ orders using the  code COASTALSEPT

All new ebates [1] users are eligible for a $10 gift card to several stores such as Target or Home Depot.  So after you buy your contacts you get cash back and a gift card!

Reading this and think ebates [1]sounds great but you don’t wear contacts?  You can buy just about anything through ebates- just spend $25 and snag that $10 gift card!  So go through this link [1] and check out ebates [1]!