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Update On My Life

It’s been over a month since I did a post about my job situation so I wanted to take a second and let you know how things are going.

It has been a big adjustment trying to settle into a schedule in my new life.  There have been so many blessings- more time with family and friends, more time to work on the blog and MUCH less stress due to no longer having a Blackberry.  And while there have been challenges, the blessings have far outweighed the struggles.

Thankfully a few weeks ago I got a part time job that is perfect for me.  I am finishing up my training this week and will begin full fledged work next week.  I am VERY thankful for the supplemental income that will help ensure I am able to pay all my bills and help me reach the goal of paying off the debt I have left from graduate school (I can’t wait to write an “I’m Debt Free” post).

But I also wanted to let you know about this as while I am working (obviously) I won’t be posting on the blog.  So there might be some periods where I don’t post or don’t reply to e-mails as quickly as normal.   I am working hard to balance my new work schedule and my blogging time so hopefully in a few weeks I will have the ebb and flow of things all figured out. 

I am so excited about my new job and the chance to have a steady paycheck coming in.   But I am still all about trying to help you save money!