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Unusual Things To Do Before Black Friday To Save $$$

We all know the normal things to do before Black Friday (scope out the ads on www.afrugalchick.com [1], make a list, set your alarm, use the bathroom before you leave the house etc.) but here are some tips you may not think about:

1.  Grab your reuseable shopping bags–  If you are heading to Target [2] you get $.05 per bag you use.   If not, you will have sturdy bags and not get stuck with big awkward paper ones.

2. Throw a bottled water and snack in your bag– don’t wait in line for mall food.  Bring it with you and you can eat in line waiting to check out with your bargains!

3.  Start at a place that will price match– as much as I can’t stand WalMart on Black Friday, their representatives have said they will price match.  So if an item is cheaper at another store and you have the ad, they will match the price.  This may save you some trips.

4.  Call the stores about rare items ahead of time- one of my most vivid Black Friday memories is Sears last year.   There was a nice long line of people waiting for a great deal on a washer and dryer.  The store only had three of them and they had given out tickets to people who had asked for them… on WEDNESDAY NIGHT!  I have no clue if this is common practice but if you want something and think there may be limited quantities call ahead and find out what time they will be giving out tickets.

5.  Leave someone at home on the computer.    If the store you are in has a line two hours long and the same item is available with free shipping on-line, why on earth would you wait in line AND pay sales tax?  Leave someone at home in their pajamas with their cup of coffee- they can find you some great deals too!