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Toys R Us Announces Hot Holiday Toy List for 2013 #TRUHotToyList

Today Toys R Us released their hot holiday toy list for 2013.  While there are some items I am not too sure about several of the toys look AWESOME.

Not surprisingly the hottest two items this year are the Playstation 4 [1] and Xbox One [2].  I wouldn’t hold my breath for any significant sales but we might find some deals with gift cards, online credits or game discounts.

 crazy cart [3]

One of my favorite toys on this list is this The Razor Drift Crazy Cart [3].  It just looks cool.  It should cost around $399.99 once it floods the market (the price on Amazon right now is from private sellers trying to make a killing.)  I would like an adult version of this!

I also am in love with this Zoomer [4]– it’s an electronic dog that you can teach tricks, responds to stimuli and you can monitor his activities on your phone.  He’s expected to be about $80.00.

So what would happen if a Troll and a Care Bear hooked up?  Apparently a ZELF Doll [5].  They are kind of freaking me out but at $4.99 each I can see them flying off shelves!

I wasn’t at all surprised to see Activision Skylanders SWAP Force Fiery Forge Battle Pack [6] on the list.  Skylanders don’t seem to have gotten any less popular then they were last year during the holidays.  We should see some sales on these.

disney infinity [7]

My prediction is that THESE will be a sought after item this year- DISNEY INFINITY Starter Pack Xbox 360 [7] (which are actually already available).  They are around $75 but we should see some deals around Black Friday if you are willing to wait in line/baby sit a website.

Another item that looks SUPER fun to me is this Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset [8].  When it’s available to the public it will be $79.99 and we should see some sales.

I will be watching for deals on ALL of these products so be sure to “like” me on Facebook [9]!

Check out the complete list [10] and see what you think!  What products jumped out at you?