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Top Five Activities For Brothers and Sisters Day

Apparently May 2nd is Brothers and Sisters Day!

The idea for this day came from a woman who realized-too late-when her brother died, that she had never let him adequately know how much he meant to her. Two years later, she proposed establishing a simple, non-commercial day on which brothers and sisters could make it a point to connect, or reconnect, acknowledging all they share. “Because life is too short,” the woman said. “I don’t want other people to miss what I missed.”

Some of you may be looking for ways to celebrate.

So here are my top 5 items/events to celebrate Brothers and Sisters Day:

1. Watch “Brothers and Sisters [1].”  If you enjoy over the top television drama there were fewer shows better on television for ridiculousness than Brothers and Sisters [1].  Starring Sally Field and Calista Flockhart it had amnesia, cancer, adoptions, out of town romances, deaths and illegitimate children.  All the stuff that leads to great ratings.

2.  Go for a walk together.  Get out of the house and enjoy some time together moving around!  The weather is beautiful where I am so this would be an ideal activity.

3.  Cook something together.  If you don’t have a favorite family recipe to share check out Dine With Us: A Collection of Recipes from the Authors of Indie Writers Unite [2] to get some recipe ideas.  As of right now it’s free to download but that can change!

4.  Make a phone call or finally learn to use Skype.  Take a few minutes to talk today.  Maybe it’s time to learn how to use Skype or another similar program.

5.  Sit down and look through photo albums.  Take a little time and flip through some old photo albums.  Relive the memories of great childhood experiences!

Remember brothers and sisters do not have to be blood relatives.  Sometimes your family extends beyond just the family tree!

Take a moment today and drop your brothers and sisters a line to celebrate!