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It’s Time To Get Your Target Red Card Debit Card

Target has two Red Cards- the REDcard credit card [1] and the REDcard debit card [1].

Please don’t get the credit card– you don’t need it!  You can get the same perks with the REDcard debit card [1].

People ask me all the time about the security of this card.  So while below the benefits are listed there is one I want to elaborate on.  Let’s say you walk out of the mall and drop your Target debit card on the ground.  First of all the card can ONLY be used at Target or Target.com.  No ordering computers from the Chinese underground and having them shipped to Russia on your card.

Second the card has a four digit pin number that you must use if you shop either online or at the store.  So unless they have your pin number they can’t spend any of your money.

Here are the other great things it does for you:

In addition Target allows REDcard holders [1] to donate up to one percent of REDcard [1] purchases to your school of choice, whether it is your child’s school or a neighborhood school. With school funding at an all-time low, this is an excellent way to contribute to the education of kids in your neighborhood from kindergarten through the 12th grade!

REDcard debit card gives you more. Apply now. [1]