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Thirty-One Outlet Sale

thirty-one outlet sale [1]The Thirty-One Outlet Sale [1] will begin April 26th, TOMORROW at 6am EST.  So make sure you bookmark this post to come back and find out the best deals and enjoy huge savings on Thirty-One products.!

I have to be honest – I don’t own anything from Thirty-One and I don’t sell it.  However my friends seem to be NUTS about the stuff and my mom and my sister both have a decent selection. My friend used the last outlet sale to stock up for year end teacher gifts. The gift bags in the photo above are the ones she gave out last year! How adorable are they?!

The biggest seller is the Large Utility Tote and my mom uses hers ALL THE TIME to carry in her groceries, use as a pool bag (fill up with snacks and drinks for the day!) and so much more.

Now here are some notes about the Thirty-One Outlet Sale.




Just a note- I don’t sell Thirty-One.  I have had over a dozen readers e-mail in the last few days to let me know they do and would be more than happy for me to use their links.  I have the link of a friend in this post who helps me with stuff on a pretty regular basis and this is my way of returning the favor.  However if you have a friend who sells 31 be sure to contact them – I know they would appreciate the commission!