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Things To Do In Williamsburg: Colonial Williamsburg

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This is one of a series of posts on the amazing town of Williamsburg, VA [2]. If you are looking for a vacation or a good staycation it has many hidden gems and awesome high profile places to shop, eat and experience!

It seems like the most obvious thing you can do in Williamsburg is … well Williamsburg.  As a local I have been to Williamsburg dozens of times but never REALLY explored the area.  I have always just walked down the streets, waved at the actors in costume and looked at the pretty buildings.

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This time when I went I took some time to really look around and see what was there.  And I was surprised by how much there is to do in the Colonial Area that I had never ventured into.

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Here are just a few of them:

The Governor’s Mansion- I remember going in here on a field trip about a million years ago but had not thought about it since.  The Governor was appointed by the King so this house was both a sign of Oppression and after the Revolution, Independence. You can take tours of the house and learn about the men who lived there and what important things were done.

James Anderson’s Blacksmith Shop and Public Armory- This shop repaired arms for the troops during the American Revolution. The Armory had a diverse workforce of more than 40, working in several shops and fed from the site’s kitchen. On certain days, you will see cooking demonstrations at this site.

The Capitol- From 1704 to 1779 important decisions were made here concerning the federal government and the state until the capitol was moved to Richmond.  It has been destroyed by fire twice- the current building was completed in 1934.

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The Colonial Gardens- I have to admit I am not one to find gardens very exciting.  However this year for the first time I have a tiny garden of my own so now they are a bit more interesting to me!  This garden is a representative of what colonists would have needed to survive- tons of herbs, veggies and also a working well.

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The Outdoor Market- In the center of town is an open air market with all kinds of interesting goodies to take home- from clothing to traditional games to currency.

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There is also a tailor, taverns, stables and other demonstrations to see.

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You can always go and wander around at no cost (lots of free parking) but to get to the good stuff you will need to buy a ticket.

You can check out the ticket prices here [9].  They have tickets that range from a single day at Colonial Williamsburg (as low as $20.95 for a youth ticket) to a ticket that includes unlimited visits to Jamestown, Yorktown, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA for $120.00.  They also have military discounts, senior discounts and educators discounts.