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Things To Do In Williamsburg: Busch Gardens (Through The Eyes of a Child)


This is one of a series of posts on the amazing town of Williamsburg, VA [2]. If you are looking for a vacation or a good staycation it has many hidden gems and awesome high profile places to shop, eat and experience! I have also started a Pinterest Board with great things to do around Williamsburg!

I am pretty sure Busch Gardens has made sure it is not a HIDDEN gem of Williamsburg, VA- their marketing budget must be enormous (not that they spend any of it on my website!) but trying to decide if you want to take your kids can be a big decision.

After all if you missed the deadline for the Forest of Fun Preschool Pass then getting your 3 -5 year old in is going to cost you a pretty penny.

And since I happen to have a three year old nephew I let him take me so I could see what HE thinks of the most beautiful park in America.

Basically as far as he is concerned there are three sections in the park: the Sesame Street Forest of Fun, the Land of the Dragons and the other random kids rides.

Busch Gardens 2 [3]

My favorite ride in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun was Prince Elmo’s Spire.  It is like the Mach Tower except much shorter and less scary.  It goes up in the air and drops at very short intervals- the perfect rush for a little one.  It also is set up so an adult can go on it with a little one.  Also there is a really fun ride called “Oscars Whirly Worms” which is sort of like a big boat that moves in a figure 8 design.  I got to ride that with him as well.

Busch Gardens 6 [4]


Also there is this adorable water ride called “Bert and Ernie’s Loch Adventure.”  This one he gets to ride on by himself and it is one of the rides that as soon as my niece can walk on her own she will be able to ride with him!

In the Land of the Dragons (picture up top) there are four rides: Eggery Deggery, Flutter Sputter, Chug-A-Tug and Bug-A-Dug plus a GIANT playground with all kinds of neat slides, things to climb and pits to climb through.

Busch Gardens 4 [5]

After those two lands (as if you need more) there are some random kids rides scattered through the park.  This one above are some hot air balloons that my nephew was able to ride alone.

Busch Gardens 3 [6]


Also this high flying ride they can either sit in a glider or ride on their stomach.  They also have rides with joysticks where the kids can move themselves up and down.

By the way they have a little kid bumper car areas.  My stomach hurts so bad from laughing watching these kids try to drive.  DO NOT miss it.

Overall I think the park is a great value for little kids- especially if you live within a comfortable driving distance and can use a season’s pass over and over again.  Don’t miss out!