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The Money Hangover

Every once in awhile it happens.  You get off work after a stressful day and want to blow off some steam.  You head to your regular hang out where “everybody knows your name.”  You live it up for the night without any thought of the consequences.

Then comes the morning.  You wake up, turn off the alarm and begin to relive the night before.You see the bags scattered across the floor with their expensive price tags staring back at you.  The memories flood back – the cute top you just couldn’t put back on the shelf, the electronics that you HAD to have, the shoes that cost more than your mortgage payment.  Last night running the card through the machine seemed so easy.  This morning it seems like a stupid mistake.

I call it “The Money Hangover.”  That feeling of dread after a great night of shopping when you spent way too much money on things you didn’t need.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are easy ways to avoid “The Money Hangover”.

– Leave the cards at home.  I am not a fan of the credit card.  A credit card feels like less of a commitment.  While handing over cash gives a real sense of the money you are spending.

– Don’t shop when you are emotional. Retail Therapy is disastrous.  Many people find that coupons help cure the itch for shopping.  It’s the same adrenaline rush from finding a good deal without emptying your wallet.

– Find a support buddy.  Find a friend who is frugal in their spending habits and ask them to hold you accountable.  Be sure it is someone who is already frugal – if not you could end up shopping together!

A few simple steps can help you avoid The Money Hangover!

** This is a reprint of my article published in The Clipper on 09/30/12. **