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The Kingsford Charcoal Coupon Conspiracy

There is nothing like coupon drama!

A few days I listed an awesome printable coupon: $5/1 Kingsford Charcoal [1].  This coupon was from Coupons.com [2] (the MOST reputable coupon site online) and it was verified online by several of my fellow bloggers.

So I was shocked when I heard that people were having issues using the coupons at the store.  And THEN on the Kingsford facebook page they said this “We apologize about the confusion for the earlier coupons. They were unsolicited and not covered by us.”

NO WAY!  This is coupons.com [2] we are talking about.  They don’t do stuff like this.  That’s why I didn’t post about this earlier today- I knew this was going to be a problem for Kingsford eventually.  My coupons.com [2] is too good for this.

Sure enough a few hours ago they updated their facebook account again:

“Hello Kingsford fans! We’d like to clear up any confusion regarding coupons. So sorry it took us a while to get to the bottom of this mystery! Yesterday, a number of coupon offers were posted by third parties to our Facebook Wall. While we can’t verify the legitimacy of them all, we can confirm that the $5 Kingsford coupon from Coupons.com was legitimate and will be honored. Unfortunately, the link has now been taken down because all available coupons were downloaded.”

So if you printed the coupon when I posted it you are good to go.  You should be able to use it in the store with no problem.

More coupon drama handled well by Coupons.com and Kingsford!