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The Great Battle In My House

Every day in my house there is a great battle.

An epic struggle that happens in households every day.

Cat vs machine.

It begins with cat vs alarm clock.  In her opinion my alarm clock does NOT wake me up early enough.  About 30 minutes early she has waited long enough and feels the only proper reaction is to sit on my head.  After being tossed back to her corner of the bed she will curl up and wait just long enough for me to drift off to sleep and begin again.

Then it is cat vs computer.  While she leaves the computer alone all night as soon as I begin work in the morning she needs my attention IMMEDIATELY.  Thus begins the 30 times a day I pick her up and remove her from the keyboard or shove her off of my papers.

After that it is cat vs electric piano.  Each day I try to sit down, warm up my voice and work on some music.  This is unacceptable because it could be time better spent with her.  So in the middle of some particularly difficult passage she will jump down on the keyboard, making a horrible noise and scaring the tar out of me.

In the evening it is cat vs television.  It seems the only appropriate place for her to curl up and sleep is right in front of the screen.  A spot she has not been in all day long.

Then in the morning it begins all over again.

Does anyone else have a similar battle in your house?