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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Extreme Couponing Season 3 Begins Tonight

(In order to really get the full effectiveness of this post I have placed the theme song from “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” on the bottom of the post. If you hit play and allow it to run during your reading it REALLY gives you the proper atmosphere.)

Oh my. I really thought there wouldn’t be any stores left in the US who would let them film.

Clearly I was wrong.

For better or worse Extreme Couponing is back tonight on TLC at 10 p.m. EST.

I have to admit as a coupon blogger this show is a mixed blessing for me. Many of you are reading my site because of what you saw on Extreme Couponing. Hundreds have taken my coupon classes because of it.

So I wanted to point out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the show so that you know exactly what I think.

The Good
There are absolutely good parts of Extreme Couponing. MANY of the people shown, even if they don’t air it, donate to local food banks and shelters. They also show that “normal” people can save money using coupons. Most of these people are not rocket scientists. They are just average people who figured out how to use coupons to make their lives better. If they can do it, so can you. They are EXTREME but on the whole they have good hearts and good intentions.

The Bad
Please remember these are EXTREME trips. Just because you see them get $1,000 worth of groceries for $30 does not mean their grocery budget each month is that $30. If you can survive on Milky Way Bars, BBQ sauce and toothbrushes- this is the way to live. If you want to eat fresh fruit, fresh veggies or meat you have to understand that saving 95% at the grocery store all the time is NOT realistic. As a frame of reference I usually shoot to save between 50% and 70% when I grocery shop. I just hate when I talk to people who are disappointed they are not saving like they see on the air. Do you expect to fall in love by having 20 guys come and fight over getting a rose at the end of the night? Then don’t expect to save like you see on “reality television” either.

The Ugly
Here’s the problem with this show. The ugly is SOOOO ugly. It’s not much ugly but when it raises it’s head it’s so bad. We have seen coupon fraud on the show over and over again. In no way it is okay to photocopy coupons and present them at the store. It is NEVER okay to steal coupons from a newspaper or a neighbors driveway. It is NEVER okay to walk into a store and buy out their entire inventory of an item when you have more than enough.

The Conclusion
I tell people all the time- if you have never seen the show I think you should watch it once. For me it has a similar affect as watching “Hoarders” makes my house feel spotless. I hope that you can see the good in things and avoid those who do things unethically. And if you have seen the show before there probably isn’t a need to watch it again- you’ve seen it all before!