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The Frugal Weekly

Every Friday I am going to post some of my favorite articles of the week from blogs that I read. Some of them will be about saving money, some about investments and some just about fun stuff. Enjoy them- these are some of my money saving heroes!

Prepare for Holiday Clearance Deals [1] by Frugal in Virginia

Ever wondered about those Cash4Gold places? J. Money at Budgets are Sexy [2] posted this article [3]. It’s an interesting read.

Time Management and Bargain Shopping [4] by Money Saving Mom [5]. This is a great article for those of you just getting started who are wondering how to include couponing with your already busy schedules!

What difference does the extra $5 make? Trent at The Simple Dollar said it best in Frugality as a “Spending Transfer.” [6]

Man vs Debt: Tyler Durden’s Guide to Personal Finance [7] (warning: contains good ideas but strong language, it may not be for everyone).

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!