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Thanksgiving Day Drug Store Shopping- Moneymaker

I went to all three drugstores today (something I rarely do).  Even though Rite Aid’s Thanksgiving Ad was incredibly sad this year I did get three things there.

I don’t have time to break it all down by transaction but here is what I bought by store:

Rite Aid: 2 Scrunci Hair Elastics, Phillips Ear Phones

Walgreens: Cottonelle Toilet Paper, 2 Scunci Hair Elastics, Thermacare Heat Patch, 2 Gillette Fusion Aftershaves, Dental Flossers

CVS: Advil 4 ct, Advil 10 ct, Pepto Bismal, Kleenex, AA batteries, Carmex, Soft Lips, Finish Quantum Dishwashing Detergent, Dental Flossers, Peanut Butter M & Ms, and Ear Buds

Between the 4 stores I did 7 transactions.  I did not have store credit at any stores when I started.

My total spent out of pocket was $16.78. 

I now have $17.22 in store credit to use on my next visits.

In coupon math we call that a MONEY MAKER!

How did you do?

Want to try the stores yourself?  Check out the deals at CVS, [1] Rite Aid [2] and Walgreens [3].