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Target: Two Tangled Coupons Plus Rebates

Tangled is on sale right now at Target (their new sales start in the morning- I have no clue what will happen to the price.  Hopefully they will stay about the same).

Right now you can print a coupon good for $5 off of Tangled at Target [1]The code is hair.  It’s good for $5 off the Blu-Ray combo pack (which has a DVD in it if you are like me and don’t own a Blu-Ray player.)

Additionally you can print a coupon here [2] for $5 off the 4-Disc Blu-ray™ Combo Pack.  Because one is a Target coupon and one is a manufacturer’s coupon you can use BOTH on one set of DVDs.

Then you can add two rebates to that:

$5 Cost Cutters Mail in Rebate [3]

$5 Success Rice Mail in Rebate [4]

Combining this coupon and these sales should get you a VERY good deal on the DVD!

Thanks Frugal Coupon Living [5]!