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Target Semi- Annual Toy Clearance

Some parts of the country have reported that they are finding the beginning of the semi-annual Target Toy Clearance in their stores.

For right now stores are only marking down toys 30% but there are higher percentages to come.

Remember that they do not put all the clearance in one place so be sure to head up and down every aisle to check for deals.

I also learned interesting information this morning about how to read those clearance tags at Target- I figured since it was an in-store code we were at the mercy of their corporate office.  Who knew?

So when you go to look at something in the toy section you can use the numbers on the tag to figure out if the item will be marked lower.  (Now we can’t, of course, guarantee that the item will still be available on the next batch of mark downs.)

target clearance tag [1]So take a look at this tag above.

If you look at the TINY writing in the upper right hand corner you can see the little 30.  It lets you know that the item is currently 30% off.  This way if there is no sign you can quickly know.

Now look at the price.  If the price ends in an “8” there is a very good chance that the price will be marked down further.  If it ends in a “4” it is the lowest price it will be.  There is also a chance that if that item sits on the shelf long enough Target will remove it and send it to a place like TJ Maxx so if you see something you may not have months to watch it.

I will be heading into my store tonight to see what is on sale- I know atleast in my area certain stores tend to have a better selection than others.

Let me know if you find the sale at your local store!