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Target Continues Holiday Price Matching Policy In 2013

Imagine you are standing in Target.

You have checked out every camera in the store.  Looked through the lenses, checked out the size and weight and compared the specs.

Finally you have THE ONE.  You pull out your smart phone, find it on Amazon $5 cheaper and buy it right there by the electronics counter.  Two days later it’s on your front porch.

And Target loses a sale.

To counteract this Target has chosen to continue their holiday price matching policy on a permanent basis.  The company will now match online prices from retailers like Amazon.com, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Pros For You

Not having to wait for something to arrive at your house.

No risk or something being lost in the mail or an order cancelled.

Cons For You

Depending on what state you live you may not pay sales tax when you buy on Amazon so there could be a small price difference.

Heard some horror stories about people trying to get Target to price match during the holidays- some stores were great and some stores were a mess.

Price exclusions:

Ad exclusions:

Item exclusions:

So what do you think?  Will this change the way you shop?