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Take The Savings Pledge-Help Us Reach $1 Billion Saved

I have the amazing honor of being a 2011 DealPro with Savings.com [1].  Last year I began working with Savings.com and I am completely impressed with them both as an organization and a site that helps people save money!

Savings.com has helped Americans save more than $200 million to date, but they aren’t stopping there!  In combination with the 53 of us who are DealPros Savings.com wants to help Americans save $1 billion.  

And I want to encourage my readers to take the Savings Pledge and help us reach $1 billion in savings! 

On A Frugal Chick’s Facebook Page [2] (on the left hand side) look for the words “Savings Pledge.”  You can use it to make a commitment about being smarter with your money. When you take the pledge, you specify the amount of money you plan to save weekly, how you plan to attain that goal and what you are saving for.

This is not about you cancelling your cable and coloring your own hair (although you certainly can).  This is about recognizing what it is that you NEED and doing the best you can to get the best deal!  No matter what it is you are reaching for- being debt free, saving for college or taking a family vacation.  All the Deal Pros and Savings.com want to work to help you meet this goal!

Earlier this year I managed to complete my biggest financial goal- I am DEBT FREE except for my mortgage.  It was a HUGE blessing and I am thrilled to be done paying my loans.  So my goal for this year is to spend less to build my savings account back up.  It’s not a glamorous goal but I love the comfort of a savings account!

To help you keep your pledge, you’ll receive ongoing expert advice and tips from the 2011 DealPros via your Facebook news feed and right here on the blog. In addition, five randomly selected consumers from the first 500 people to take the pledge will win a one-on-one, personalized advice session with a 2011 DealPro.

Click here [3] to check out the official Press Release and see all the Deal Pros!

Dream big!  Everytime you use a coupon you get one step closer to your dream!