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Suggestions for Articles?

In my constant pursuit of becoming the best blogger I can be, I would like to flex my muscles and start writing some articles- both for this blog and others, as well as some publications.

My biggest obstacle is that I never know what to write about.  Something I find completely fascinating about saving money, budgeting, shopping or blogging may bore everyone else to death.  And if no one wants to read it, it’s not a very useful post.

So I am asking- what do you want to know about?  It can be anything having to do with couponing, rebates, budgeting, spending, saving, grocery shopping, drug store deals, my limited cooking capabilities, gift giving or anything else along that line.  Don’t be scared to send me something I will have to research- that’s what the web is for!

So if you have something you want to know drop me an e-mail [1], leave a comment on this post or stick something on the facebook page [2].