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Stuck In The Mud Instead of Shopping Today

I have been trapped on the couch for the last few days with bad sinus headaches.  Today I was so excited to get out and do some shopping!

So after meeting friends for a play date (yes they have kids) I went out to run errands.

As I was driving down the interstate the rain started falling HARD.  My wipers were going at full speed.  Since I am the most boring driver in the world I was going about 45 mph in the slow lane while everyone else flew around me.

All of a sudden my car just seemed to have a mind of its own.   It started veering off to the side of the road and no amount of pumping the brakes or yanking the steering wheel will stop it or change it’s course.  Ahead of me is a concrete barrier that I REALLY do not want to slam into- the damage to my car and myself would be bad.

car mud 2 [1]

Fortunately my car veered itself over to the right and I went flying into a big patch of grass- my tires promptly sinking into the mud.  After I regained my composure (and uttered a short prayer of thanks because it was one of those moments in life where you feel completely helpless) I call my parents and AAA.

An hour later I was pulled off the side of the road by one of the friendliest tow truck drivers ever (and who also would be a GREAT actor to play a pirate in a movie) and came home to get off the road.

Tomorrow I have to go back out and drive again but for tonight I will be back on the couch enjoying the dryness and stillness of being inside!