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Stealing Coupons

I don’t usually rant on my blog but I have to take a moment here.  I have been getting e-mails from consumers all over the country frustrated by the activities of people around them.  A fellow blogger received this e-mail today and I wanted to pass it on so you could see why I am so worked up!

“I tried to buy a newspaper at Walmart and a few 7-11s because my newspaper was swiped from my driveway. They were either bought up or had the coupon inserts missing. I was cutting through some aisles at Walmart and low and behold there was a stack of newspapers sitting in a laundry basket with all the coupons taken out. Someone had taken a stack from the front of the store and went and hid in the store and removed them.”

This makes me absolutely livid.  Would you open a bag of cookies in the store, take two and then walk out the door?  Or walk over to your neighbors house and take their front door mat? No because it is STEALING.

If you are a smart couponer you will easily save the price of that paper with the coupons you purchased inside.  So get the paper and recycle the parts you don’t want.

Don’t be stealing coupons- it ruins it for the rest of us and, if you get caught, do you really want to risk getting beat up with a BIG THICK COUPON BINDER?!