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Spending Money To Save Money

When most people throw themselves into a new hobby or project they often spend alot of money “preparing.”  Someone decides they are going to play golf but instead of buying used clubs or borrowing a set they go to a professional golf store and spend way too much.  After a game or two they decide they don’t like it and the clubs begin gathering dust in the back of a closet.

Couponing is the same way.  Especially with the shows on television right now people are spending alot of money trying to coupon.  But part of couponing is being frugal!  You don’t need to spend a lot but there are three things that I think you absolutely MUST have in order to coupon:

1- Access to a printer.  The internet is the new hub for coupons.  By utilizing Coupons.com [1], Red Plum [2], The Coupon Network [3], Facebook [4] and many other sites there are thousands of printable coupons out there.   You need to be able to print those coupons.  If you need to buy a printer I recommend avoiding Canon because their ink cartridges cannot be refilled (and that can be a big savings).  Amazon [5] has a few good deals right now- just type in printer and start looking around. 

2- Something to organize your coupons.  Whether you use envelopes, a three ring binder or a shoe box you need to make sure you have something sturdy and dependable that you are comfortable with.  So if that means spending $10 on a three ring binder it’s worth the investment.  (Odds are you have something you can use around your house for free.)

3- A subscription to your local newspaper.  You get better coupons in the paper delivered to your door than the paper you buy at the gas station on Sundays.  So be sure to get atleast one paper delivered.  Remember that you can negotiate the price of your paper so be sure to put your most persuasive family member on the phone.

So there are my tiny tidbits of knowledge!  I hope you find it helpful!