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Some Walmarts Are Doubling Coupons (Lucky)

I can’t believe I even just typed in that title for this post.  But it’s true… some Walmarts are doubling coupons.

Here is the list currently: Madison, Ohio; Charleston, West Virginia; Utah County, Utah ( 7 Walmarts are doubling); Huntington, West Virginia; Wayne, West Virginia and Findlay, Ohio. 

The rules seem to be pretty common coupon doubling rules (these are all verbal rules given to a blogger so we can’t hold your store to any of them):

– Any coupon up to $.99 is doubled.  So a $.75 off coupon is worth $1.50 off.

– They will continue to price match and allow you to use a coupon

– You must only use coupons for items you buy

– If the coupon says “Do Not Double” it won’t double

As always be sure to call your location ahead of time and make sure they are participating.  (I hope one day they do this in my town!)

Thanks I Heart The Mart [1]!