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Soda Stream Winner (And The Financial Motivation To Buy)

I am so excited to announce the winner of the Soda Stream Fountain Jet Machine is  Doreen!  Thank you to all who entered!!

I was amazed at how many people commented about the Soda Stream [1] machine and how useful it would be in your daily lives.

I noticed that so many of you drink soda and spend a pretty penny (actually many, many pennies) on your soda purchases each month. Some of you even said you spend up to $5 a day on soda (which could be more for those of you with bigger families).

I wanted to break it down because there are some important points to make that I’ve discovered over the course of the giveaway:

If you spend $5 a day on soda, times 30 days – that is $150 per month. In one year, you are spending close to $2,000 on soda! Because so many of you commented on this topic, I thought it’s important to note the Soda Stream [1] could save the average household thousands of dollars per year, with or without coupons, as the cost of the actual machine averages $100.  Throw in some flavorings and extra bottles, your grand total might be ~$150 max. Although many of you explained it wasn’t part of your budget, over the course of the year, it would actually SAVE you money.

Many of you also loved how the Soda Stream [1] saves waste on bottles, cans, etc. You can use, wash, rinse, and re-use the bottles so your recycling bin isn’t overflowing.  You also aren’t lugging soda to and from the grocery store and having to find room to store the soda in your house.  You can find additional Soda Stream mixes and bottles on Amazon [1] for under $30 and as part of Prime. Perhaps the most important part of the Soda Stream is it is HEALTHIER for you than soda, too!

Just a few fun facts in case any of you are considering a Soda Stream for your household. Thanks again to all who participated and we have lots of fun giveaways currently running and on the horizon.

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