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Soda Stream Nationwide Giveaway (U.S. Only)- 15,000 Facebook Fans Celebration

So, we know this is a popular item, as we heard a ton of interest over the holidays. And, in celebration of 15,000 fans on Facebook, we have decided to give one away!

The Soda Stream [1] (for those of you who haven’t heard about it) is essentially a beverage carbonating system, so you can turn your average water into a carbonated fruit juice, soda, or other sparkling drink.

The machine comes with a bottle to keep your beverage in (some come with 2 bottles as a bonus as shown in the photo above). There is also a machine stand and “carbonator” – which makes your drinks fizzy. A great benefit is you don’t have to worry about lugging cases of sodas to and from the supermarket, and the Soda Stream [2] is a great value! Just use water from your tap or purification system to fill up the bottle, carbonate, and add a flavor pack to enjoy. It literally only takes a few seconds and the flavors you add are made without high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame.  There are so many different flavors – you can have fun experimenting.  Some of the flavors include: Diet Lemon-Lime, Diet Dr. Pete, Diet Cola, Fountain Mist, Orange, Root Beer, Grapefruit and Diet Cranberry Raspberry, among others. The best part? All the drinks taste like your regular juices and soda – just healthier!

Flavor Sampler Pack [3]

As part of the giveaway, we figured it’d only be fair to try it first before recommending to you. When the Soda Stream [1] arrived, I was so excited to open it. It came in a small box and was easy to put together. They provided us with some extra goodies, as you can see below.

IMG_0134 [4]

I was confused at first because I didn’t see any batteries or cords, but realized once the “carbonator” bottle is inserted into the machine stand, that’s all you need. So no plugs, cords, or batteries to replace – you can put this anywhere you want in the kitchen! The carbonator is reusable and fills up to 150 bottles.

One of the biggest reasons this item is flying off the shelves is because this item is Earth-Friendly. Because you don’t have tons of bottles or cans from buying sodas and juices at the store, you don’t have to worry about storing in your cabinet or fridge.  You also don’t have to buy multiple different juices to make everyone in the family happy – each person can have their very own beverage without having entire liters of soda or juice go to waste. On the back of the box, the company states that you also save energy wasted by transporting the billions of gallons of soda every day (they have a great promotion video on the homepage of their site as well which demonstrates this idea further).

A huge thank you to Soda Stream, not only for allowing us to try this product but also allowing us to give one away to our dedicated readers.

Would you like to win the Fountain Jet Soda Stream machine [5] yourself?  You can enter up to 4 times (each individual comment is an entry):

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Thank you for being part of our Frugal Chick family on Facebook, and we can’t wait to announce the winner!

SodaStream2 [9]