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Skechers Bella Ballerina Shoes: RARE Discount

I didn’t know what these were but I hear they are one of the hot items right now!

These are “Bella Ballerina” shoes.  They have a little disc on the bottom of them that allows girls to do a perfect pirouette!

My friends who have been price shopping these say they generally cost around $47 (and these are my frugal friends BTW).

So one of them kept digging and found them for $37.50 shipped- and that’s as cheap as any of us have been able to find them.

So if you  have a little ballerina in your house here is how to take advantage of this deal:

  1. Head to the Skechers website and sign up for their VIP Club [1]. It’s free and you will get free shipping on all orders.
  2. Navigate to the Bella Ballerina shoes (or any Skechers you want), make your selection and add them to your cart.
  3. Use the code JJ25FIT and you will get 25% off!

In case you want to see how cool they really are check out the video:

Thanks Moms Need To Know [2]!