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Simple CVS explanation

On the post below this one I have put the CVS deals for the day. But I know most of you have just started using coupons, and I recommend that your first trip to CVS be small, so you can get the hang of it. So I wanted to write step by step what to do to get the free toothpaste this week.

1. Get an envelope to keep all of your coupons in.
2. Cut the $1.00 Colgate coupon out of the Smart Source insert in your paper today and put it in the envelope.
3. Print the $1.00 off of 1 on- line coupon [1]. Put that coupon in the envelope.
4. Head to your friendly neighborhood CVS.
5. Once inside, select the toothpaste of your choosing. Make sure you check the sales paper and your coupons to ensure you have the proper one.
7. At the register, first hand the cashier your CVS card. (If you don’t have one yet, you can grab it in the store- they are free).
8. Let her ring everything up. Then hand her the coupons.
9. Watch the total go down.
10. After she rings up the coupons, there will be some out of pocket money due. It should be around $1 plus tax.
11. Pay the nice cashier.
12. When your receipt prints, there will be a small piece of paper on the bottom with a bar code on it worth $2. This is an extra care buck [2]. CVS treats these as cash (although they do expire in about a month). So the next time you come in, you can get $2 worth of merchandise for free.

The Result: You spend $1 and get $2 worth of free stuff from CVS!

Also, if they are out of toothpaste by the time you get there, they give rainchecks [3] as well!