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Rite Aid Simplified

One of my readers said that she would like the Rite Aid post broken down step by step, so I am going to try to do that now. I can only do this with one scenario, so I chose Scenario # 1 on my previous post.

1. Go to riteaid.com to watch videos [1].

2. Watch the video listed under $7 for Nexxus products.

3. Print the $3 Nexxus coupon.

4. Continue to watch videos for any products you like.

5. After you have watched enough videos, print the $5 off of $20 coupon from that website.

6. Now you can close the Rite Aid web site.

7. Go to Physicans Formula rebate information [2] and decide which make up you would like to try for free. Print the proper form.

8. Go to your local rite aid with the coupons and the form.

9. At the front door, grab the September 2009 Rebate Directory for future use.

10. Select the Nexxus product of your choice- make sure you check with wording on the coupon that the item you select is eligible.

11. Select the VO5 shampoo or conditioner of your choice- they had many scents when I was there this morning!

12. Select the Physicians Formula Organic Make Up of your choice. Make sure it has the pink “Try Me Free” sticker on it and is listed on the form you have.

13. Proceed to cashier to check out. Make sure to present both coupons!

14. Hang onto your receipt- you will need it for both your Physicians Formula rebate and your Rite Aid Rebate!

After church tonight, I will post on how to set up Rite Aid on-line rebates (they call them Single Check Rebates or SCR). If you want to give it a shot yourself, here is the link [3]. Rite Aid is the easiest, which is why I chose to start with them! Hope this helps to see the step by step break down!